Trinity Community Garden

Why do we need a Community Garden?

In this area of Windsor there are hardly any outdoor community spaces and in creating a brand new community garden with ecological and multisensory planting in raised beds with seating for people with disabilities, together with areas for outdoor activities, we are addressing an essential community need for well-being particularly after the confines and restrictions of the Covid pandemic.

Isn’t Windsor a wealthy town?

Windsor evokes the illusion of a wealthy royal town, far removed from the gritty reality of an inner-city, however, it is an illusion, and our town is like any other, with its castle and wealthy areas sitting cheek-by-jowl with real social need, deprivation and helplessness.

What effect will the Garden have?

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 and for some time to come, community gardens have and will become even more important to local residents. Whilst our Church is a spiritual centre, it is also the centre of a range of practical community activities, including the Windsor Homeless Project, bereavement counselling and Windsor Night Shelter that will all benefit from a tranquil garden. Additionally children’s groups, nursery, language school, and many other groups would profit from an activity area, as would our local residents who can’t wait to use the garden as a lot of the housing in our area are flats with no gardens.

What will the Garden Offer?

  • Multisensory garden

  • Outdoor events space to have fun!

  • Spaces to contemplate

  • Green space for those who have no garden

  • Space for the community to gather


Our project to transform a redundant empty open space will allow people to meet and reflect safely in tranquil surroundings or use the activity space for exercise, entertainment and fun!

We are committed to this transformation which will also allow us to grow support to our local community.  To view a video of the proposed garden please click here.